Dragon Shard of Knowledge: World of Warcraft | Where in WoW Dragonflight to find and turn in a Dragon Shard of Knowledge?

Before the release of Dragonflight, the profession system in World of Warcraft had been stagnant for years. However, the most recent expansion of the game has completely redesigned and expanded upon the profession system. The Dragon Shard of Knowledge, which enables you to obtain Profession Knowledge for one of your professions, is one of the most crucial items in this expansion that can help you streamline the profession grinding process.

Professional specializations and profession knowledge will undoubtedly have the biggest influence on your career advancement, aside from regular leveling. Typically, at levels 25, 50, and 100, you can unlock three to four specializations for each profession. You must possess Professional Knowledge in order to access the benefits that specializations offer. Gaining experience in crafting items, gathering ores and herbs, or looting chests scattered throughout the zones are all ways to gain Profession Knowledge.

The Dragon Shard of Knowledge is undoubtedly one of the more well-liked and simple ways to obtain Profession Knowledge, even though there are many other interesting methods as well. This is all the information you require about Dragon Shard Knowledge, including its definition, sources, and uses.
,how much Profession Knowledge you get from each shard, and where to turn it in.

Dragon Shard of Knowledge unlocking in World of Warcraft Dragonflight!

How to unlock Dragon Shard of Knowledge in WoW Dragonflight? You must unlock the Dragon Shards of Knowledge before you can begin gathering them. You must finish the profession quest A Worthy Hunt in the Ohn’ahran Plains in order to accomplish this.

You’ll be rewarded with a buff known as Khadin’s Wisdom, which will let you search the Dragon Isles for Dragon Shards of Knowledge. The quest A Gift for Miguel at the Ruby Life Pools in Waking Shores is the first in the questline you must finish to begin unlocking Dragon Shards of Knowledge.

Dragon Shard of Knowledge locations in World of Warcraft Dragonflight !

Where to get Dragon Shard of Knowledge in WoW Dragonflight? Raid and dungeon boss drops, open-world chest looting, and quest rewards are all ways to obtain Dragon Shards of Knowledge. To obtain Profession Knowledge, you must turn the shards to a particular NPC in Ohn’ahran Plains; you cannot obtain Profession Knowledge from the shards alone.

Dragon Knowledge Shards possess a number of sources in Dragonflight; the first one is obtained by finishing the mission A Worthy Hunt.

You can do a repeatable quest based on your profession after finishing the first one, which will award you 25 Artisan’s Mettle and one Profession Knowledge point.

Dragon Shards of Knowledge are also obtained by robbing open-world treasures. After obtaining the Dragon Isles Crafting Order Apprentice, Dragon Isles Crafting Order Journeyman, and Dragon Isles Crafting Order Master achievements, ten Dragon Shards of Knowledge can be obtained.

You will receive one Profession Knowledge point for every Dragon Shard of Knowledge. You will be able to choose which of your professions you want to use the Profession Knowledge for after turning them in.

Where to turn in Dragon Shards of Knowledge in World of Warcraft Dragonflight

You must give your Dragon Shards of Knowledge to Khadin at Khadin’s Cave, which is located in the Ohn’ahran Plains northwest of Maruukai. Khadin can be found in the Ohn’ahran Plains at [52.14, 33.55].

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