Learning English grammar can be a challenging task.

Here we have discussed a wide range of grammar topics, from basic to advanced, that are suitable for learners at various levels. By practicing these exercises, you can not only improve your grammar skills but also build your confidence in using the English language. So, whether you’re preparing for an exam or simply want to enhance your language proficiency, these exercises can be an excellent resource for you. Let’s dive in and start practicing!

Here are SOME examples of perfect English grammar exercises with answers:

  1. John and Jane __ (be) going to the party tonight. Answer: are
  2. She __ (study) English for two years now. Answer: has been studying
  3. The cat __ (jump) off the roof. Answer: jumped
  4. I __ (have) a headache yesterday. Answer: had
  5. The children __ (play) in the park. Answer: are playing
  6. He __ (run) five miles yesterday. Answer: ran
  7. The train __ (arrive) at 7 p.m. Answer: will arrive
  8. She __ (not eat) meat because she is a vegetarian. Answer: does not eat
  9. They __ (watch) a movie when we arrived. Answer: were watching
  10. He __ (not like) coffee. Answer: does not like
  11. She __ (take) the bus to work every day. Answer: takes
  12. I __ (work) at the company for five years now. Answer: have worked
  13. They __ (not go) to the concert last night. Answer: did not go
  14. The sun __ (rise) in the east. Answer: rises
  15. He __ (be) a doctor for twenty years. Answer: has been
  16. They __ (not have) any food left in the fridge. Answer: do not have
  17. She __ (dance) at the party last night. Answer: danced
  18. We __ (meet) at the coffee shop tomorrow. Answer: will meet
  19. The teacher __ (give) us a lot of homework. Answer: gave
  20. The baby __ (cry) all night. Answer: cried
  21. She __ (teach) English at the university. Answer: teaches
  22. They __ (not finish) the project on time. Answer: did not finish
  23. He __ (play) basketball every weekend. Answer: plays
  24. The concert __ (start) at 8 p.m. Answer: will start
  25. She __ (not speak) Spanish fluently. Answer: does not speak
  26. They __ (sing) at the karaoke bar last night. Answer: sang
  27. The company __ (hire) a new employee next week. Answer: will hire
  28. I __ (visit) my family every year. Answer: Visit
  29. He __ (be) a great writer. Answer: is
  30. She __ (not like) horror movies. Answer: does not like
  31. They __ (not study) for the exam last night. Answer: did not study
  32. The plane __ (land) in two hours. Answer: will land
  33. He __ (paint) the house last week. Answer: painted
  34. The baby __ (sleep) for twelve hours. Answer: slept
  35. She __ (read) a book every night before bed. Answer: reads
  36. They __ (not go) on vacation this year. Answer: are not going
  37. He __ (be) a great athlete in high school. Answer: was
  38. We __ (play) tennis at the park tomorrow. Answer: will play
  39. The boss __ (give) us a raise next month. Answer: will give
  40. The dog __ (bark) all night. Answer: barked
  41. She __ (write) poetry in her free time. Answer: writes
  42. They __ (not eat) fast food very often. Answer: do not eat

    Here are SOME more examples of perfect English grammar exercises with answers:

  43. She (study) for her exam all night. Answer: studied
  44. The children (play) in the park when it started to rain. Answer: were playing
  45. I (have) breakfast before I left the house. Answer: had
  46. They (go) to the gym every day. Answer: go
  47. She (be) a great singer. Answer: is
  48. He (not do) his homework yet. Answer: has not done
  49. The train (arrive) on time. Answer: arrived
  50. We (enjoy) the party last night. Answer: enjoyed
  51. They (paint) the walls of the room blue. Answer: painted
  52. The teacher (give) us a test next week. Answer: will give
  53. The cat (sleep) on the windowsill all afternoon. Answer: slept
  54. My sister (buy) a new car last month. Answer: bought
  55. They (visit) the museum last week. Answer: visited
  56. We (watch) a movie every Friday night. Answer: watch
  57. The dog (chase) the ball in the park. Answer: chased
  58. She (read) a book on the train this morning. Answer: was reading
  59. He (cook) dinner for us tonight. Answer: is cooking
  60. I (not see) that movie before. Answer: had not seen
  61. They (study) English for three years. Answer: have been studying
  62. The sun (rise) in the east. Answer: rises
  63. She (run) a marathon last year. Answer: ran
  64. The students (write) an essay about climate change. Answer: are writing
  65. He (drive) to work every day. Answer: drives
  66. We (visit) our grandparents every summer. Answer: visit
  67. The bird (sing) a beautiful song. Answer: was singing
  68. They (clean) the house every Saturday. Answer: clean
  69. The baby (cry) all night. Answer: cried
  70. She (teach) English at the university. Answer: teaches
  71. He (play) the guitar for two hours. Answer: has been playing
  72. We (eat) lunch at noon every day. Answer: eat
  73. The flowers (bloom) in the spring. Answer: bloom
  74. The company (hire) new employees next month. Answer: will hire
  75. They (run) a marathon every year. Answer: run
  76. He (swim) in the lake every summer. Answer: swims
  77. The train (leave) at 8 o’clock tonight. Answer: will leave
  78. She (dance) with her friends at the party. Answer: danced
  79. They (plan) a trip to Europe next year. Answer: are planning
  80. We (play) soccer every Saturday morning. Answer: play
  81. The bird (fly) south for the winter. Answer: flies
  82. He (work) at the factory for ten years. Answer: has worked
  83. They (read) a book together every night. Answer: read
  84. She (speak) French fluently. Answer: speaks
  85. The students (listen) to the teacher’s instructions. Answer: were listening
  86. He (take) the bus to work every day. Answer: takes
  87. We (learn) Spanish in school. Answer: are learning

    Here are more examples of perfect English grammar exercises with answers:

  88. She (to be) _____ happy when she receives the news. (Answer: is)
  89. I (to have) _____ a headache yesterday. (Answer: had)
  90. They (to run) _____ every morning. (Answer: run)
  91. The sun (to rise) _____ in the east. (Answer: rises)
  92. The company (to lay off) _____ some employees last year. (Answer: laid off)
  93. She (to study) _____ hard for her exams. (Answer: studies)
  94. We (to be) _____ late for the meeting. (Answer: are)
  95. He (to teach) _____ English for five years. (Answer: has taught)
  96. The baby (to cry) _____ all night. (Answer: cried)
  97. They (to play) _____ soccer every weekend. (Answer: play)
  98. She (to cook) _____ dinner for her family tonight. (Answer: will cook)
  99. They (to travel) _____ to Europe last summer. (Answer: traveled)
  100. He (to speak) _____ three languages fluently. (Answer: speaks)
  101. She (to read) _____ a book in the library right now. (Answer: is reading)
  102. The students (to study) _____ for their exams last night. (Answer: studied)
  103. We (to go) _____ to the beach tomorrow. (Answer: are going)
  104. He (to write) _____ a novel last year. (Answer: wrote)
  105. The flowers (to bloom) _____ in the spring. (Answer: bloom)
  106. They (to watch) _____ a movie last night. (Answer: watched)
  107. She (to sing) _____ beautifully. (Answer: sings)
  108. He (to drive) _____ to work every day. (Answer: drives)
  109. We (to have) _____ a great time at the party last night. (Answer: had)
  110. The dog (to bark) _____ loudly. (Answer: barks)
  111. She (to dance) _____ gracefully. (Answer: dances)
  112. They (to eat) _____ breakfast every morning. (Answer: eat)
  113. He (to swim) _____ in the ocean yesterday. (Answer: swam)
  114. The trees (to lose) _____ their leaves in the fall. (Answer: lose)
  115. She (to play) _____ the piano very well. (Answer: plays)
  116. They (to meet) _____ their friends for lunch today. (Answer: are meeting)
  117. He (to have) _____ a cold last week. (Answer: had)
  118. We (to see) _____ a movie at the theater tomorrow. (Answer: are seeing)
  119. The birds (to sing) _____ in the morning. (Answer: sing)
  120. She (to write) _____ a letter to her friend every week. (Answer: writes)
  121. They (to work) _____ hard all day. (Answer: worked)
  122. He (to drink) _____ a cup of coffee every morning. (Answer: drinks)
  123. The car (to break down) _____ on the highway last night. (Answer: broke down)
  124. She (to watch) _____ TV every evening. (Answer: watches)
  125. They (to play) _____ tennis every weekend. (Answer: play)
  126. He (to speak) _____ with a strong accent. (Answer: speaks)
  127. We (to read) _____ a novel right now. (Answer: are reading)

    Here are more examples of perfect English grammar exercises with answers for advanced
  128. The company’s board of directors (meet/meets) every month. Answer: meets
  129. The team of scientists (has/have) been researching the topic for years. Answer: has
  130. Neither John nor his brothers (is/are) interested in sports. Answer: is
  131. The population of the town (is/are) growing rapidly. Answer: is
  132. My parents (encourage/encourages) me to pursue my dreams. Answer: encourage
  133. The novel, along with its sequels, (has/have) sold millions of copies worldwide. Answer: has
  134. Each of the students (was/were) required to submit a written report. Answer: was
  135. The committee members (disagree/disagrees) on the best course of action. Answer: disagree
  136. The basketball team (practices/practice) every day after school. Answer: practices
  137. The band’s latest album (has/have) received rave reviews from critics. Answer: has
  138. Some of the furniture (needs/need) to be repaired. Answer: needs
  139. The jury (deliberate/deliberates) for hours before reaching a verdict. Answer: deliberates
  140. The quality of the product (is/are) not up to par. Answer: is
  141. The group of tourists (was/were) amazed by the beauty of the landscape. Answer: was
  142. The committee (is/are) scheduled to meet next week. Answer: is
  143. The couple (enjoy/enjoys) hiking in the mountains on the weekends. Answer: enjoys
  144. Each of the players (has/have) their own strengths and weaknesses. Answer: has
  145. The new policy (affect/affects) all employees. Answer: affects
  146. The city’s traffic (is/are) a major problem. Answer: is
  147. The team’s victory (was/were) celebrated by fans all over the world. Answer: was
  148. The staff (has/have) been working long hours to meet the deadline. Answer: have
  149. The committee (has/have) not yet reached a decision on the matter. Answer: has
  150. The amount of work (seem/seems) overwhelming. Answer: seems
  151. The soccer team (play/plays) exceptionally well this season. Answer: plays
  152. The budget (need/needs) to be revised before it can be approved. Answer: needs
  153. The committee members (disagree/disagrees) on how to allocate the funds. Answer: disagree
  154. The study’s results (was/were) surprising to many experts. Answer: were
  155. The team’s coach (believes/believe) in hard work and dedication. Answer: believes
  156. The band’s lead singer (has/have) a unique voice that sets them apart. Answer: has
  157. The committee (has/have) been reviewing the proposals for weeks. Answer: has
  158. The weather (affect/affects) the crops’ growth. Answer: affects
  159. The company’s profits (is/are) on the rise. Answer: are
  160. Each of the students (has/have) their own learning style. Answer: has
  161. The team (work/works) together to achieve their goals. Answer: works
  162. The committee’s decision (was/were) based on careful consideration of all the facts. Answer: was

  163. The movie we saw last night was _____ (good) than the one we saw the previous week. Answer: better
  164. He had _____ (few) opportunities to showcase his talents. Answer: fewer
  165. She sings _____ (beautiful) than anyone I know. Answer: more beautifully
  166. _____ (Fewer/Less) people are expected to attend the event this year. Answer: Fewer
  167. The problem is _____ (complicated) than we thought. Answer: more complicated
  168. I can’t believe he was _____ (stupid) enough to do that. Answer: stupid
  169. He was the _____ (tall) person in the room. Answer: tallest
  170. The _____ (late) we leave, the more traffic we’ll encounter. Answer: later
  171. I am _____ (sure) she is the one for the job. Answer: sure
  172. The company has had _____ (little) success in recent years. Answer: little
  173. He is _____ (clever) than he appears. Answer: cleverer
  174. We need to find a _____ (quick) solution to the problem. Answer: quicker
  175. The _____ (fast) you drive, the more dangerous it becomes. Answer: faster
  176. She is _____ (determined) to succeed. Answer: determined
  177. I have _____ (many) books than you do. Answer: more
  178. The situation is getting _____ (bad) every day. Answer: worse
  179. We need to work _____ (hard) if we want to succeed. Answer: harder
  180. She was _____ (angry) than I’ve ever seen her before. Answer: angrier
  181. The _____ (big) the challenge, the greater the reward. Answer: bigger
  182. He was _____ (friendly) to me than anyone else at the party. Answer: friendlier
  183. She is _____ (talented) than I ever imagined. Answer: more talented
  184. I have _____ (much) experience in this field than you do. Answer: more
  185. The _____ (difficult) the task, the more rewarding the outcome. Answer: more difficult
  186. He is _____ (tough) than he looks. Answer: tougher
  187. She works _____ (hard) than anyone else in the company. Answer: harder
  188. The _____ (good) you do, the better you feel. Answer: good
  189. He is _____ (smart) than he lets on. Answer: smarter
  190. The _____ (bad) the weather, the worse the traffic. Answer: worse
  191. She is _____ (brave) than I ever thought possible. Answer: braver
  192. The _____ (high) the mountain, the harder the climb. Answer: higher
  193. She is _____ (beautiful) than anyone else in the room. Answer: more beautiful
  194. He is _____ (athletic) than he appears. Answer: more athletic
  195. The _____ (late) it gets, the quieter the streets become. Answer: later
  196. She was _____ (generous) with her time and money. Answer: generous
  197. He has _____ (many) talents than anyone I know. Answer: more
  198. The _____ (important) the meeting, the more preparation is required. Answer: more important
  199. She is _____ (successful) than she ever thought possible. Answer: more successful
  200. He is _____ (popular) than he thinks he is. Answer: more popular

    Here are more examples of perfect English grammar exercises with answers for advanced graduates:

  201. She is the only one who _____ the truth. (knows)
  202. He is _____ that he can’t walk. (so tired)
  203. The company _____ its new product last week. (launched)
  204. I _____ the train if I hurry. (will catch)
  205. He _____ his studies by the time he was 21. (had completed)
  206. _____ you read the book, you won’t understand the movie. (Unless)
  207. She _____ him to be honest. (expected)
  208. The teacher _____ the students to be quiet. (told)
  209. I _____ for my car keys everywhere. (have been looking)
  210. He _____ with his parents until he was 30. (lived)
  211. They _____ their friends for years. (have known)
  212. She _____ when she saw the movie. (cried)
  213. The company _____ its profits this quarter. (increased)
  214. I _____ my hair before the party. (had styled)
  215. The rain _____ before we got there. (had stopped)
  216. She _____ a lot of money on clothes. (has spent)
  217. He _____ his homework yet. (hasn’t finished)
  218. We _____ dinner when he arrived. (had just finished)
  219. I _____ the game last night. (had watched)
  220. They _____ at the party until midnight. (had danced)
  221. She _____ to the store before the storm started. (had gone)
  222. The company _____ a lot of employees last year. (had laid off)
  223. He _____ his car last month. (had sold)
  224. The cat _____ the bird. (caught)
  225. She _____ to the gym every morning. (goes)
  226. He _____ his phone at home. (left)
  227. They _____ the party early. (left)
  228. She _____ her flight. (missed)
  229. I _____ to the gym yesterday. (went)
  230. The company _____ a new CEO. (hired)
  231. He _____ all night. (had worked)
  232. They _____ for the test for weeks. (had studied)
  233. She _____ the exam. (had passed)
  234. The students _____ their homework before class. (had finished)
  235. I _____ my phone in my bag. (had put)
  236. He _____ his bike last week. (had fixed)
  237. They _____ to the beach for vacation. (had gone)
  238. She _____ for the job interview. (had prepared)
  239. The company _____ a new office downtown. (had opened)
  240. He _____ to the store for milk. (had gone)
  241. They _____ to the concert last night. (had gone)
  242. She _____ the dinner party. (had hosted)
  243. The team _____ the championship last year. (had won)
  244. I _____ the car for a test drive. (had taken)
  245. He _____ his homework before dinner. (had finished)
  246. They _____ the city for the first time. (had visited)
  247. She _____ for her friend’s wedding. (had bought a dress)
  248. The company _____ its product line. (had expanded)
  249. He _____ his back last month. (had injured)
  250. They _____ the movie twice. (had watched)
  251. _______________ important than studying hard is staying motivated. Answer: More
  252. I have never seen _______________ house before. Answer: Such a beautiful
  253. The movie was _______________ I expected. Answer: Not as good as
  254. The teacher said that _______________ present could answer the question. Answer: Only one
  255. The company is planning _______________ new branch in the city. Answer: To open a
  256. He _______________ football every weekend. Answer: Plays
  257. The scientist _______________ his research last year. Answer: Completed
  258. The hotel room was _______________ I had hoped for. Answer: Not as clean as
  259. The athlete _______________ training every day for the competition. Answer: Is currently
  260. The book _______________ I read last week was very interesting. Answer: That
  261. _______________ the students understood the lesson, the teacher repeated it. Answer: Although
  262. I think that _______________ is important for everyone to have a hobby. Answer: It
  263. The company’s profits have _______________ increased in the last year. Answer: Steadily
  264. I _______________ to Paris several times before. Answer: Have been
  265. The _______________ we arrived, the hotel staff greeted us warmly. Answer: Moment
  266. The _______________ you exercise, the healthier you will be. Answer: More
  267. The scientist discovered a new species of animal _______________ last year. Answer: In the rainforest
  268. The art museum _______________ the exhibition next week. Answer: Will open
  269. The _______________ I listened to, the more I liked the song. Answer: More times
  270. _______________ her busy schedule, she always finds time to volunteer. Answer: Despite
  271. I prefer tea _______________ coffee. Answer: To
  272. The football team _______________ a lot of games this season. Answer: Has won
  273. The company’s profits have _______________ decreased since the new CEO took over. Answer: Not
  274. The _______________ you study, the better your grades will be. Answer: More
  275. _______________ to music helps me relax after a long day. Answer: Listening
  276. The students _______________ the test yet. Answer: Haven’t taken
  277. The restaurant _______________ reservations for tonight. Answer: Isn’t taking
  278. The _______________ I practiced, the better I became at playing the piano. Answer: More
  279. The _______________ you exercise, the more energy you will have. Answer: More
  280. The new book by the author _______________ to be released next month. Answer: Is set
  281. The movie was _______________ I expected it to be. Answer: Not as good as
  282. The athlete _______________ a new record in the competition. Answer: Set
  283. The _______________ I work, the more productive I become. Answer: Longer
  284. The _______________ the food, the better the restaurant’s reputation. Answer: Better
  285. The students _______________ their essays next week. Answer: Will submit
  286. The company’s profits have _______________ increased since the new product launch. Answer: Significantly
  287. The more _______________ you are, the more successful you will be. Answer: Persistent
  288. _______________ she speaks, the more nervous she becomes. Answer: The longer

    Examples of perfect English grammar exercises with answers from four given options for advanced graduates:

  289. The novel “To Kill a Mockingbird” __________ in 1960. a) published b) was published c) had published d) have published Answer: b) was published
  290. The project __________ by the team by next month. a) will have completed b) will complete c) completed d) completes Answer: a) will have completed
  291. The movie “The Godfather” ____________ by Francis Ford Coppola. a) directed b) was directed c) had directed d) have directed Answer: b) was directed
  292. The company ____________ in the development of new technologies. a) is investing b) has invested c) invested d) invests Answer: a) is investing
  293. The teacher ____________ the importance of punctuality. a) stressed b) was stressing c) had stressed d) have stressed Answer: a) stressed
  294. The book “The Catcher in the Rye” ____________ by J.D. Salinger. a) written b) was written c) had written d) have written Answer: b) was written
  295. By the end of next week, we ____________ all the documents. a) will have finalized b) will finalize c) finalized d) finalize Answer: a) will have finalized
  296. The athlete ____________ the long jump event in the national championship. a) won b) was winning c) had won d) have won Answer: a) won
  297. The committee ____________ the proposal at the next meeting. a) will consider b) will have considered c) considered d) considers Answer: a) will consider
  298. The concert ____________ by thousands of fans. a) was attended b) attended c) had attended d) have attended Answer: a) was attended
  299. The students ____________ their research papers next week. a) will submit b) will have submitted c) submitted d) submit Answer: a) will submit
  300. The painting “The Persistence of Memory” ____________ by Salvador Dali. a) painted b) was painted c) had painted d) have painted Answer: b) was painted
  301. The new regulations ____________ in effect from next month. a) will be b) will have been c) are d) were Answer: a) will be
  302. The team ____________ the championship trophy four times in a row. a) won b) was winning c) had won d) have won Answer: c) had won
  303. The project ____________ the company’s revenue significantly. a) will increase b) will have increased c) increased d) increases Answer: b) will have increased
  304. The company ____________ a new advertising campaign next month. a) will launch b) will have launched c) launched d) launches Answer: a) will launch
  305. The novel “1984” ____________ by George Orwell. a) written b) was written c) had written d) have written Answer: b) was written
  306. The committee ____________ the proposal at the last meeting. a) considered b) was considering c) had considered d) have considered Answer: a) considered
  307. The new software, _______ is designed to help small businesses manage their finances, has received rave reviews from users. a) which b) that c) who d) whom Answer: b) that
  308. Despite her extensive experience, she found the task of teaching English to young children to be _____ difficult than she anticipated. a) much more b) much most c) more much d) more most Answer: a) much more
  309. After the meeting, the group members _____ about the possible solutions to the problem. a) discussed b) were discussing c) had discussed d) would discuss Answer: a) discussed
  310. My sister _____ her car for a week while she was on vacation. a) lend me b) lent me c) loaned me d) borrowed me Answer: b) lent me
  311. The new company policy is _____ to increase productivity and efficiency. a) design b) designed c) designing d) was designed Answer: b) designed
  312. The tourists were advised _____ against swimming in the sea due to the dangerous currents. a) strongly b) strongly to refrain c) to refrain strongly d) to strongly refrain Answer: c) to refrain strongly
  313. The detective was able to solve the mystery _____ using his intuition and analytical skills. a) merely b) mostly c) partly d) largely Answer: d) largely
  314. The _____ of the novel is set in 19th century London. a) situation b) plot c) theme d) scene Answer: d) scene
  315. The CEO _____ the company’s annual report at the board meeting yesterday. a) presented b) was presenting c) had presented d) presents Answer: a) presented
  316. The team captain _____ the players to do their best and work together to win the championship. a) encouraged b) was encouraging c) had encouraged d) encourages Answer: a) encouraged
  317. The report on the financial performance of the company _____ by the end of the week. a) will be finished b) is finished c) has been finished d) was finished Answer: a) will be finished
  318. The concert tickets _____ quickly, so I had to buy mine online. a) sold out b) sell out c) were sold out d) were selling out Answer: a) sold out
  319. I _____ my phone at home, so I couldn’t answer your call. a) left b) was leaving c) had left d) have left Answer: a) left
  320. _____ the new system is more efficient, it still has a few bugs that need to be fixed. a) Despite b) Although c) Even though d) While Answer: b) Although
  321. After _____ all of the options, we decided to invest in real estate. a) considering b) having considered c) were considering d) had considered Answer: b) having considered
  322. The _____ of the company’s products has increased significantly since the new marketing campaign was launched. a) sales b) sold c) selling d) was sold Answer: a) sales
  323. She _____ to work yesterday due to the bad weather. a) didn’t go b) hasn’t gone c) isn’t going d) won’t go Answer: a) didn’t go
  324. If she _____ the train, she would have been late for the meeting. a) missed b) had missed c) has missed d) would miss Answer: b) had missed
  325. The more you practice, _____ you will become. a) good b) better c) best d) well Answer: b) better
  326. John, as well as his friends, _____ to visit the museum tomorrow. a) plans b) plan c) planned d) planning Answer: b) plan
  327. She has been working here _____ two years. a) since b) for c) ago d) during Answer: b) for
  328. The party was so loud that it _____ my studying. a) disturbed b) disturbing c) disturbs d) will disturb Answer: a) disturbed
  329. I would rather you _____ me before you leave. a) would tell b) tell c) told d) had told Answer: d) had told
  330. The boy _____ the window and broke it. a) hit b) hits c) hitting d) has hit Answer: a) hit
  331. It’s essential that he _____ the instructions carefully. a) reads b) read c) will read d) is reading Answer: b) read
  332. After the accident, the car was _____ to the garage. a) towed b) towing c) tow d) will tow Answer: a) towed
  333. The teacher asked the students _____ the assignment. a) completed b) to complete c) completing d) completes Answer: b) to complete
  334. She has never _____ to Europe before. a) been b) was c) is d) being Answer: a) been
  335. She was the only one _____ to solve the problem. a) able b) enable c) enables d) will enable Answer: a) able
  336. If I _____ a millionaire, I would travel the world. a) am b) was c) were d) will be Answer: c) were
  337. I don’t like this painting. _____, I think it’s too abstract. a) As a result b) Therefore c) On the other hand d) However Answer: d) However
  338. The teacher _____ the students that the exam would be difficult. a) warned b) warns c) will warn d) warning Answer: a) warned
  339. He _____ to finish the project by Friday. a) hopes b) hope c) hoped d) hoping Answer: c) hoped
  340. The team members _____ the new plan before presenting it to the manager. a) discuss b) discussing c) discussed d) will discuss Answer: c) discussed
  341. She has _____ a lot of progress in her English skills. a) made b) making c) makes d) will make Answer: a) made
  342. If I _____ you, I would take a break and relax. a) were b) am c) is d) being Answer: a) were
  343. ___________ in a big city, he prefers the quiet countryside. a) Despite he grew up b) Despite growing up c) Although growing up d) Although he grew up
  344. Answer: b) Despite growing up
  345. I suggest ___________ on the new project immediately. a) to start working b) to start work c) starting work d) starting to work
  346. Answer: d) starting to work
  347. The teacher ___________ us to read the entire book before the exam. a) advised b) suggest c) suggested d) suggestion
  348. Answer: c) suggested
  349. The conference was canceled ___________ lack of interest. a) due to b) because of c) owing to d) a or b
  350. Answer: d) a or b
  351. It’s important to ___________ that you finish the project on time. a) remind b) remember c) remind of d) remember of
  352. Answer: a) remind
  353. She ___________ her phone at home yesterday. a) left b) had left c) has left d) has been leaving
  354. Answer: a) left
  355. The company ___________ the new software by the end of the year. a) should release b) will release c) must release d) a or b
  356. Answer: d) a or b
  357. The new employee ___________ the necessary qualifications for the job. a) has b) have c) had d) having
  358. Answer: a) has
  359. I am not used to ___________ up early in the morning. a) get b) getting c) got d) a or b
  360. Answer: b) getting
  361. ___________ on the project, the team worked overtime for three days straight. a) Focusing b) To focus c) Focused d) Focus
  362. Answer: c) Focused
  363. I’d rather you ___________ me the truth about what happened. a) tell b) told c) will tell d) would tell
  364. Answer: a) tell
  365. He enjoys ___________ classical music. a) listening to b) listen to c) listened to d) a or b
  366. Answer: a) listening to
  367. The company’s CEO ___________ a press conference tomorrow morning. a) holds b) will hold c) is holding d) hold
  368. Answer: b) will hold
  369. The new machine was designed to ___________ production efficiency. a) increase b) increasing c) increased d) increases
  370. Answer: a) increase
  371. The group was ___________ for the delay in the project. a) blamed b) blaming c) blame d) a or b
  372. Answer: a) blamed
  373. We have ___________ completed the project by the deadline. a) already b) yet c) never d) ever
  374. Answer: a) already
  375. She ___________ her dog to the park every day. a) walks b) walked c) will walk d) walking
  376. Answer: a) walks
  377. The project was ___________ behind schedule. a) fell b) fall c) falling d) fallen
  378. Answer: c) falling

    Examples of “Adjective phrases exercises. Complete the gaps with the expression as … as… or not as … as … using the adjectives provided.”

  379. The coffee is _______ as hot _______ it used to be.
  380. My cat is _______ as playful _______ he was when he was a kitten.
  381. I am _______ as excited _______ you are about our vacation.
  382. That movie was _______ as boring _______ I thought it would be.
  383. The hotel room was _______ as clean _______ it looked in the pictures.
  384. The new car is _______ as fast _______ my old one.
  385. This shirt is _______ as comfortable _______ the one I had on yesterday.
  386. The museum exhibit was _______ as interesting _______ I had hoped.
  387. The food at the restaurant was _______ as delicious _______ the reviews said it would be.
  388. The weather is _______ as nice _______ it was yesterday.
  389. This book is _______ as long _______ the one I read last week.
  390. That test was _______ as difficult _______ I expected it to be.
  391. The park is _______ as crowded _______ it usually is on weekends.
  392. My friend is _______ as smart _______ she thinks she is.
  393. The music is _______ as loud _______ it was at the concert last night.
  394. The beach is _______ as beautiful _______ it looked in the brochure.
  395. The traffic is _______ as bad _______ it usually is during rush hour.
  396. The hotel bed is _______ as comfortable _______ my bed at home.
  397. The ride was _______ as thrilling _______ I had hoped it would be.
  398. The food at the party was _______ as tasty _______ I had anticipated.
  399. The internet connection is _______ as slow _______ it was yesterday.
  400. This coffee is _______ as hot _______ the one I had this morning.
  401. The park is _______ as quiet _______ it is early in the morning.
  402. The class is _______ as boring _______ I thought it would be.
  403. The shopping mall is _______ as crowded _______ it usually is on weekends.
  404. This chair is _______ as comfortable _______ the one in my office.
  405. The beach is _______ as clean _______ it was last year.
  406. My computer is _______ as fast _______ it was when I first got it.
  407. The party is _______ as loud _______ I thought it would be.
  408. The movie is _______ as scary _______ I thought it would be.
  409. This shirt is _______ as cheap _______ the one I saw at the other store.
  410. The hotel room is _______ as spacious _______ it looked in the pictures.
  411. The food at the restaurant is _______ as expensive _______ I thought it would be.
  412. The concert is _______ as popular _______ I expected it to be.
  413. The weather is _______ as bad _______ it was yesterday.
  414. The book is _______ as interesting _______ the one I read last month.
  415. The traffic is _______ as light _______ it usually is on weekends.
  416. The ride is _______ as long _______ I thought it would be.
  417. The coffee is _______ as strong _______ I usually make it.
  418. The music is _______ as relaxing _______ I had hoped it would be.
  419. The park is _______ as big _______ I remembered it to be.
  420. The class is _______ as interesting _______ I had hoped.
  421. The beach is _______ as crowded _______ I expected it to be.

    Examples of adverb-based exercises with answers:

  422. She sings beautifully. (adverb: beautifully)
  423. He talks loudly. (adverb: loudly)
  424. They ran quickly. (adverb: quickly)
  425. She writes neatly. (adverb: neatly)
  426. He swims well. (adverb: well)
  427. They laughed happily. (adverb: happily)
  428. She reads slowly. (adverb: slowly)
  429. He cooks deliciously. (adverb: deliciously)
  430. They worked hard. (adverb: hard)
  431. She dances gracefully. (adverb: gracefully)
  432. He drives carefully. (adverb: carefully)
  433. They speak fluently. (adverb: fluently)
  434. She listens attentively. (adverb: attentively)
  435. He sings melodiously. (adverb: melodiously)
  436. They play enthusiastically. (adverb: enthusiastically)
  437. She dresses elegantly. (adverb: elegantly)
  438. He walks slowly. (adverb: slowly)
  439. They argue loudly. (adverb: loudly)
  440. She thinks deeply. (adverb: deeply)
  441. He sleeps soundly. (adverb: soundly)
  442. They eat quickly. (adverb: quickly)
  443. She works efficiently. (adverb: efficiently)
  444. He talks softly. (adverb: softly)
  445. They smile happily. (adverb: happily)
  446. She exercises regularly. (adverb: regularly)
  447. He studies attentively. (adverb: attentively)
  448. They bike leisurely. (adverb: leisurely)
  449. She runs swiftly. (adverb: swiftly)
  450. He types quickly. (adverb: quickly)
  451. They swim gracefully. (adverb: gracefully)
  452. She cooks well. (adverb: well)
  453. He laughs heartily. (adverb: heartily)
  454. They speak confidently. (adverb: confidently)
  455. She reads carefully. (adverb: carefully)
  456. He writes neatly. (adverb: neatly)
  457. They work efficiently. (adverb: efficiently)
  458. She sings beautifully. (adverb: beautifully)
  459. He dances gracefully. (adverb: gracefully)
  460. They play skillfully. (adverb: skillfully)
  461. She draws artistically. (adverb: artistically)
  462. He acts dramatically. (adverb: dramatically)
  463. They listen attentively. (adverb: attentively)
  464. She speaks fluently. (adverb: fluently)
  465. He plays confidently. (adverb: confidently)
  466. They read regularly. (adverb: regularly)
  467. She walks briskly. (adverb: briskly)
  468. He bikes quickly. (adverb: quickly)
  469. They run swiftly. (adverb: swiftly)
  470. She swims skillfully. (adverb: skillfully)
  471. He sleeps peacefully. (adverb: peacefully)

    Examples of using articles correctly:

  472. I need a pen to write with.
  473. The sun is shining brightly today.
  474. An apple a day keeps the doctor away.
  475. Have you seen the movie I recommended?
  476. She is an excellent teacher.
  477. We had dinner at the Italian restaurant last night.
  478. He loves playing the guitar.
  479. The cat is sleeping on the couch.
  480. A bird flew into the window.
  481. The car parked in front of the house is mine.
  482. She is wearing a red dress.
  483. The book I’m reading is very interesting.
  484. We need to buy a new refrigerator.
  485. He is listening to the radio.
  486. The dog barked at the mailman.
  487. My parents live in the suburbs.
  488. An elephant is a very large animal.
  489. The students were quiet during the test.
  490. She has a headache.
  491. The flowers in the garden are beautiful.
  492. A man walked into the store.
  493. The basketball game was exciting.
  494. He is watching the news on TV.
  495. The coffee is too hot to drink.
  496. A boy and his dog walked down the street.
  497. The children were playing in the park.
  498. She is an actress in Hollywood.
  499. The doctor prescribed a new medication.
  500. A plane flew overhead.
  501. The movie theater is down the street.
  502. He is wearing a blue shirt.
  503. The cat chased the mouse.
  504. She has a talent for singing.
  505. The museum is closed on Mondays.
  506. A police officer stopped the car.
  507. The food at the restaurant was delicious.
  508. The teacher is grading papers.
  509. An umbrella is useful in the rain.
  510. The concert is sold out.
  511. He is reading a book on history.
  512. The hotel room was clean and comfortable.
  513. A tree fell down during the storm.
  514. The soccer game ended in a tie.
  515. She is a famous actress.
  516. The computer is not working properly.
  517. An ambulance rushed to the scene.
  518. The mountain range is beautiful.
  519. A spider crawled across the floor.
  520. The museum has an exhibit on ancient Egypt.
  521. He is drinking a glass of water.
  522. examples of perfect English grammar exercises with answers on passive voice:
  523. The cake was baked by my mom.
  524. The movie was watched by us.
  525. The book was written by the famous author.
  526. The letter was sent by him.
  527. The house was painted by the workers.
  528. The car was driven by my sister.
  529. The song was sung by the talented musician.
  530. The window was broken by the kids.
  531. The meal was cooked by the chef.
  532. The game was won by the home team.
  533. The report was written by the analyst.
  534. The flowers were watered by the gardener.
  535. The play was performed by the actors.
  536. The cake was eaten by everyone at the party.
  537. The paper was graded by the teacher.
  538. The room was cleaned by the maid.
  539. The plan was approved by the board.
  540. The job was finished by the team.
  541. The phone was answered by the receptionist.
  542. The dress was designed by the fashion designer.
  543. The video was recorded by the camera crew.
  544. The mistake was made by the employee.
  545. The project was completed by the contractor.
  546. The gift was wrapped by the clerk.
  547. The poem was recited by the student.
  548. The order was placed by the customer.
  549. The house was built by the contractor.
  550. The speech was given by the politician.
  551. The decision was made by the committee.
  552. The question was answered by the expert.
  553. The event was organized by the planner.
  554. The letter was typed by the secretary.
  555. The task was assigned by the manager.
  556. The picture was taken by the photographer.
  557. The product was manufactured by the company.
  558. The concept was explained by the teacher.
  559. The package was delivered by the courier.
  560. The problem was solved by the technician.
  561. The sculpture was created by the artist.
  562. The formula was derived by the scientist.
  563. The road was repaired by the construction crew.
  564. The game was invented by the engineer.
  565. The email was sent by the sender.
  566. The key was lost by the owner.
  567. The idea was suggested by the team.
  568. The building was demolished by the crew.
  569. The plan was executed by the team.
  570. The injury was caused by the accident.
  571. The story was written by the author.
  572. The code was written by the programmer.

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